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I love programming and having to solve new challenges. I have previously worked in all kind of fields and ended up in programming, which turned out to be my true passion. I absolutely love learning new tools, languages, solving all kind of problems and making everything blazing fast and automated.

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When i started studying in Estonian Information Technology College i wasn't sure where should i end up or continue and i was seeking for my true passion.

Soon i ended up learning Ruby on Rails basics and started working at a small company called Deskrock which had a small team ( 3-5 developers ) but which provided very powerful Finance software for different Loan providers in Estonia.

I started as a DevOps Engineer and my role was to manage Support and Server Infrastructure in the Company. Very quickly i ended up sharpening my RoR, Ruby skills in order to debug every error/problem reported from customer and fix them myself. I found myself having passion in resolving all kind of problems and making things faster, therefore i ended up getting new skills very quickly and refacted some of the critical Apps parts in order to make them much faster and bug-free. Company started to grow, so i quickly gained more responsibilities, i started to build our infrastructure in AWS by learning all kind of different tools and putting the to best use ( AWS EC2, AWS RDS, Ansible, HAProxy etc. ).

In 2015 our Finance and IT companies merged and gained Banking License. Company has changed name to InBank AS. As of now i'm working at InBank as a Software Developer (Full-Stack). Currently i do development both in Backend as well as Frontend projects and some Ops in order to keep our Servers up-to-date.

Work Experience

DevOps Engineer - InBank AS (2014 - Present)

  • Developing new features for Ruby, Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Optimising / Refactoring features in order to make them more efficient.
  • Keeping applications up-to-date, secure, fixing bugs and writing migrations in order to fix corrupted data.
  • Making deployments easy, automated and downtime-free.
  • Server setup in AWS Infrastructure using Ansible. ( Private networks, loadbalancers).
  • Monitoring setup ( Icinga ).
  • Keeping infrastructure up-to-date and secure.

Projects i have worked on

Lendify Private

This was our main RoR Application.

It's a backend for Finance companies, mainly for Banking and Loan providing purposes. Application is currently built to manage Hire Purchase, Loans and Deposits by having different built-in modules.

My role was to setup Server infrastructure which would be best to run this Application. Our small team is trying to follow Object-Oriented design as much as possible in order to keep this Application easily upgradeable. Application is being used by such companies as InBank AS and Krediidipank Finants AS

CCS Private

Similiar to Lendify this is older Project that also offers Loans as well as Credit Cards for Coop Finants. Main backend is written in RoR which is also connected to Java-Oracle based backend used for card purchases in shops.

My role was to provide ongoing Support for possible Bugs and Data fixes as well as constantly developing new features.

Frontend Projects Private

Both of previously mentioned Projects had also different Frontend's as well as smaller gems-services which i also had chance to develop, debug and refactor.

Debtify / Gmailer Public

Project, which we did for a 2016 Hack.summit() Hackathon. We initially had 48hours to build a project in a small team of 4 and it was our first ever Hackathon attended. Project idea is to have an Bill management App, where you could either manually add your Bill or you add Plugins to fetch PDF files, E-Invoices from anywhere. Idea of this app was to be as much Modular as possible, having an easy shared-interface to add any new plugin to either Fetch new Bills or some 3rd Party Notification plugin.

Since we had only short time to build it, only Plugin we managed to finish is called Gmailer. Gmailer is a plugin for Debtify, which is basically an Gmail email fetcher in which you need to specify some attributes to look for and plugin will try to find specific Emails from your inbox containing Invoice PDFs, parse them and add to Debtify.



Single page HTML websites Public

I did some simple single page HTML websites for my friends. Whole point of doing this was to sharpen some of my CSS, HTML skills. To build this websites i used only pure and default Bootstrap 3-4, i did not do any design.

Some of the websites:




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